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Pedal Price Sheet


SOLD Mooer Slow Engine Black

SOLD Mooer Tender Octaver Moth

SOLD Mooer Power Supply

SOLD Mooer Red Truck Multi Effects

SOLD Elctroharmonix C9 Organ Pedal

Mooer Pure Boost White/$50
Mooer Electriclady White/$38
Mooer Ensemble King Blue/$48
Mooer Mini WAH Brass/$70
Mooer Micro Looper White/$65
Mooer Baby Bomb Red/$70

Mooer Echolizer Purple/$40
Mooer Skyverb Blue/$65

Mooer Pedal Rack/Mooer Pedal Bag/$70
Moore Direct Jack Plugs 1/4 inch/
Bogner Ecstacy overdrive boost Blue/$199

Danelectro EQ FishNChips Green/$20
TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb Red/$90
Band Creator Trio + w/looper/$175
Apogee “One” mic/$150

Wailer WAH/$40


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